Brentham's Statistical History

Scorebooks since 1954, where possible digitally archived

Data on this site includes seasons from 1954 to 2023

About this Archive

The original concept for this archive was to celebrate and honour the achievements of Brentham's legendary scorer Ivor Chaplin. Iver over 53 seasons scored virtually every Brentham's first XI games (1968-2020), over 800 matches. When this was completed, the project was expanded to also include the period before Ivor and of course the period post Ivor. New seasons will be added, giving Brentham one of the most comprehensive archives of the club's playing history.

Prior to Ivor's period, the majority of Brentham's scoring duties were handled by Tommy Field (1954 - 1967). Perhaps Tommy was not available every week as Ivor was, but he certainly scored the majority of Brentham's first XI games covered by this archive in his period. In those days scorers were too modest to add their names to match scorecards so exactly who scored which games are unknown. Thanks should also be given to club President David Bloomfield who had the perspicacity to curate these records for future generations.

Ivor took over in 1968, and so began a legendary scoring career. Ivor became as synonymous with Brentham Cricket as any Brentham player over his period. Ivor's achievements over the years has been recognised by one award after another, some nationally recognised within the ECB ACO. He is an Honorary Vice President of both the Middlesex County Cricket League and Brentham Club. In 2014, he was awarded the Middlesex Outstanding Service Cricket Award as well as the UK Outstanding Sports Official prize. He was nominated in 2005 and 2014 for a cricketing OSCA, presented at Lord's, finishing runner up on the latter occasion. Perhaps the most prized opportunity was being invited to score at Lord's for a MCC v CCC match in 2015 to add to his appearance at Lord's with Brentham in 1972.

One story that is told about Ivor, which everyone hopes is true, has gone into both Brentham and County League folklore. Everyone at Brentham knew Ivor never missed a game, not driving he replied on public transport to get himself about, but was always arrived well in advance. One day Ivor was nowhere to be seen, the captain and players were wondering what had happened and suspected transport issues. Just as the players are walking out to start the match Ivor, flushed from running, Ivor came across the ground. The Brentham players jeered at him, joking "what time do you call this?" "Sorry lads, it was my mother's funeral this morning and this was the earliest I could get here." That shows the man's dedication to his scoring for Brentham.

Since Ivor's scoring career ended, the club has struggles to find a full-time replacement scorer. The task has been handled by various people over the subsequent years, James Hitchcock, when he is not playing handles the role, but James is still very much a Brentham player at present. Since 2021 all Brentham Scorecards have been uploaded to Play-Cricket, however in some cases the quality and attention to detail has been lacking. As much effort as possible has been added to keep this archive up to date, but without the data recorded no archivist, no matter how talented, can do anything.